I selected four accent chair options that will match your living room style. Each option will go with a linen color sofa, compliment the stone and wood tones in the living room. 

First Set of Options:

Option 1: A tufted arm chair with a contrasting jute back and side. (Taupe/Beige/White Wash)- CLICK HERE

Option 2: Slight grey linen arm chair with wood accents - CLICK HERE

Option 3: Same as option 1 but in a light grey fabric(Stone/Grey/White Wash)- CLICK HERE

Option 4: A little darker option with tufting and wood accents. - CLICK HERE

Second Set of Options: More Comfy Options as Requested

Option 1: Similar style the the Pottery Barn Chair Dane liked. With a warmer fabric than the sofas. If selected will use pillows on couches to pull the more warm colors. - CLICK HERE

Option 2: A tufted comfy style chair in a gray. - CLICK HERE

Option 3: The Pottery Barn Chair Dane likes. You can get it in the same fabric color as the sofa. Would bring in color with pillows for the chairs and sofa. - CLICK HERE

Option 4: A more basic design centered around comfort in a gray fabric. Again here I would use gray tones in the pillows on the couch to create a cohesive style. - CLICK HERE

Selected Option: #3

Which accent chair do you like the best?