Option 1: Reclaimed wood look- Rustic Pine Finish - CLICK HERE

Option 2: Similar to option one with a linen tufted top. - CLICK HERE

Option 3: A more modern sleek design with metal and wood tones. - CLICK HERE

Thinking out of the box on these. These "coffee table" options will help define the living room space without having to worry about children bumping their heads. The top two also double for storage. Having some sort of item that services as a coffee table in the living space will help the area between the sofas and chair not look like a big blank spot in the design. The bottom two pouf options and provide extra seating, foot props, and surface area for drinks while entertaining. And can easier be removed for more room. Just wanted to give you another option. We can still eliminate a coffee table option all together.

Option 1: CLICK HERE

Option 2: CLICK HERE

Option 3: CLICK HERE

Option 4: CLICK HERE