Design Details:

  • Fireplace makeover: Bulking up the mantel to fit the width of your tv and adding shiplap to extend to the ceiling. This will make your living room seem larger, your ceilings taller, and give a focal point to the room.

  • The jute rug grounds the space and adds texture.

  • White flowy curtains and softness and height as they extend above the windows and higher on the wall.

  • Furniture selection fits the french country look while still being comfy for watching tv. You can also use the selections with your current sectional if you don’t want to switch it out.

  • Over all design in simple, clean, bright, and airy.

Fireplace Design Tutorial:

  • Link to tutorial: CLICK HERE

  • For your fireplace you are going to build out/widen your mantel and fireplace surround to extend past the width of your tv.

  • After you have widened your mantel and fireplace surround- then you will shiplap from the top of mantel to the ceiling/moulding.

  • If you have any question about this process or design just let me know.


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