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Pool Room Design Details:

  • The room is centered around the pool table and the game of pool.

  • The light fixture is turned sideways in the design so you can see the design of the fixture. But it will be mounted running the length of the pool table.

  • Since this room is a sloped design (not pictured in design above) I placed the cue stick wall mount holder along the back wall since it is the only full height wall. I also placed a custom sign above that can be customized to anything you want- Garner's Pool Hall- Garner's Billiard Room etc.

  • Along the left wall I placed a thin board along the wall that can serves as small bar. The board would be placed at 30-32" near the slope edge of the wall. This will serve as a place for drinks and snacks while playing pool. I also added some barstools that can slide under the bar and out of the way when not in use.

  • On top the the bar I placed some renderings of pool related objects and a plant for some movement and live.

  • On the left side I placed two comfy leather chair and a table between with a lamp. And a floor plant in the back corner.

  • I also added a wall mount magazine holder be side the chair on the right.

  • This design provides a laid back billiard style pool room.


-Let me know if you need pool table sourced. 



Man Cave Design Details:

  • Using the leather furniture you already purchased I arranged the furniture in a way that would be great for game day or movie night.

  • I layered a jute rug with a cow skin rug to add warmth and texture.

  • The wall mount tv console has built in shelves with storage for media equipment and a shelve up top. This provides a nice backdrop for a tv for up to 70". Opposed to just mounting it on the wall. It also provides a much slender area opposed to a standard floor console.

  • The coffee table, side table, and floor lamp are all black metal and add an industrial look to the space.

  • I also added the swish cross pillows to the sofas. These are masculine pillows that look like the belong in a man cave.

  • I also place a picture of a football play drawing on the wall next to the door to bring some design onto that wall for balance.

  • I also threw in some plants to add live to the space.



Man Cave Design Details:

  • This little corner I did something fun for the kids that adds the the feel of the "man cave."

  • Wooden basketball hoop to match the wood elements in the room and their very own basketball holder- that is black metal and ties in with the rest of the black metal used in the room.

  • White curtains to help brighten it up a bit since there are only two windows. I recommend longer curtains and mounting the rod taller due to the tall ceiling.

  • Black industrial curtain rod to tie in with the black.





  1. Bottles of your choice to display.

  2. Plant (you can also pick up at Lowes or Home Depot) with any simple white planter: CLICK HERE

  3. Whiskey Glasses (I have 6 displayed): CLICK HERE

  4. Beer Glasses (I have 6 displayed): CLICK HERE

  5. Round Wood Plate: CLICK HERE

  6. Appetizer Plates: CLICK HERE

  7. Wooden Small Bowl: CLICK HERE

  8. Whiskey Decanter: CLICK HERE

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