Garner Living Room Layout.png


Dining Room Design Details: 

(Above is a mood board so you can see the direction I am heading in for the design. Let me know if you like this direction or if I need to move to something else.)

  • Table Size: 6'6" x 3" - May want to ask your table builder but this is standard size for 6 chair table with a little extra room. Meaning with the size chairs you selected for the sides we can fit 3 on each side and two accent chairs at the end.

  • Your dining room is the first room people see when walking into your home. I want to suggest making it look as big and open as possible. I think it would be best to remove the hutch and server and replace the server with an open concept console table.

  • That way the focus in the room is the table and it doesn't feel so heavy in there with lots of bulky furniture.

  • So we would add an open concept narrow console along the wall behind the table. Behind the console we would put a large circle mirror to add even more depth to the room. On the top on the console we would add some simple decor and a lamp.

  • A fun patterned rug.

  • New modern farmhouse light fixture.

  • Floor to ceiling white drapes and a statement piece of art on the wall where the hutch is currently.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.18.02 PM.png


  1. Curtains (96” 4 panels total-2 for each side): CLICK HERE

  2. Curtain Rod: CLICK HERE

  3. Light Fixture: CLICK HERE

  4. Gallery Print Wall: CLICK HERE

  5. Fiddle Fig Tree: CLICK HERE

  6. Chair: Picked out at Adams

  7. Vase for Console: CLICK HERE

  8. Large Round Mirror: CLICK HERE

  9. Basket (Size Small): CLICK HERE

  10. Chairs: Picked out at Adams

  11. Table: Custom Build from Adams

  12. Rug: CLICK HERE

  13. Stems for vase (4): CLICK HERE