{Note: Furnishings in renderings are not the actual pieces selected for design. Layout renderings are for viewing the overall designed layout of the space. Exact furnishings will be found under the design tab and the source tab.}


Layout Discussion:

  • Starting with the entryway: I placed a bench beside the door for sitting and putting on/taking off shoes. I will also place hooks above the bench for coats and bag. Also as you enter the space to your right I designed into a small little seating area. Behind the two accent chair I placed a console table. This helps extend your entry area and give a place for a catch all. A great place for bags and/or keys. 
  • You may also notice with the placement of furniture it gives you a clean line of flow down the center of the space. This will make the room appear larger and the layout cohesive. 
  • I placed your dining area on the left front in front of the fireplace and next to your bar. This provides a distinctive area for dining. That way you don't have barstools from the bar area in your living room area. 
  • I placed your living room area in the back right corner. This gives you a more open feel compared to being next to the bar. The chair in the seating area can even be brought over if you have more guest and need additional seating. 
  • Also note the placement of the bench in the entry way and the chairs for the seating area make a hallway of sorts to the door opening in the right front corner. 
  • This layout makes each individual space fit into a cohesive layout that flows well with the movement of the house. 

Let me know what you think about the overall layout I designed for you space. Tell me what you like or what you would like to change in the "Questions, Comments, and Concerns." 

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