Kitchen Design:

Here you can also see what a sectional would look like in the space.

Here you can also see what a sectional would look like in the space.


Design Details:

  • Whether you choose to do the island or not (or want to wait and do it at a later date) you can still use a lot of the furnishing for both designs. So if you decide to do the island at a later date you will not need to purchase new pieces.

  • I know we talked about adding subway tile to the back splash. This would add a lot of character to the kitchen. So I will link the peel and stick option and a real tile option.

  • Keeping decor simple in a kitchen is key. You don’t want your countertops to appear full or cluttered. So a basic canister set, some wood cutting boards, and some plants is what I recommend.

  • I also do not recommend placing items on top of cabinets. This drawer the eye up and stops. Creating a visual boundary that will make your wall look short. Without anything on top of your cabinets the ceilings appear taller.

  • Removing the piece above you sink will also help with the cabinets and ceilings feeling taller.

  • You can also see I added in a gray section to the design above. That way you can see a sectional in the design. You would just replace the two sofas for this one sectional. All the other furnishings would stay the same.


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