Advise for the laundry room:


Laundry Baskets: CLICK HERE

Accent Baskets: CLICK HERE (These come in a couple different sizes so select which ones best fit your space. Target also has a great selection of baskets)

  • I would keep the existing cabinets and the woods floors because you can easily make them work with the design of the inspiration photo you sent me. 
  • Paint the walls white- Simply White by Benjamin Moore is a great color.
  • Paint the trim around the window and the upper cabinets black- Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore is a perfect black. 
  • I would use an egg shell sheen for the paint. 
  • Add a wood top to the top of the washer and dryer. Stain the wood top with special walnut (a thin coat will get the color you are looking for) then seal with a poly acrylic sealer. For the wood top I would measure the depth of your space and figure how many boards you need to over. I would use pine boards- you can get them at lowes. Here is a great tutorial on a DIY for the countertops: CLICK HERE
  • I would also add a bamboo shade to the window. Here is the link to one at Lowes: CLICK HERE measure the inside of window and take that measurement with you to Lowes and they will cut it to length for you. 
  • Here is a fun rug that will add something to the floor. It's a great pattern to mimic the tile design without having to tile : CLICK HERE (Size 2.6' x 4')
  • The I would find some cute baskets for laundry and to accent with. Maybe even add a vase with some greenery. 


Advise for the Hallway: 

  • The hallway is such a small area I would not add to much to the walls. The hooks look great. One thing you could do to add a little bit of character is add a runner to the floor. A jute runner would add warmth without  too much color. If you need help find a runner send me the measurements of the hallway (Length and width.) 
  • Hallway Size: 42"x 87"
  • Runner: CLICK HERE

If you have any questions or comments on your laundry room or hallway design advise please enter them in the area below.

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