Accent Furniture and Decor

1. Side Table x2: One between couches and another one between the accent chairs-  CLICK HERE 

2. Console Table: Behind the sofa - CLICK HERE

3. Candle Sticks: For Console and Mantel- 3 large- 3 medium- 1 small - CLICK HERE (*Will be 50% off starting August 21st)

4. Glass Vase: CLICK HERE  Greenery: (5-6 stems) CLICK HERE

5. As For Me and My House Sign: CLICK HERE (*Sign up for newsletter for coupon code)

6. Rug: CLICK HERE (I included rug option #2 because I felt it went with the design of your space the best. Please let me know if you would like to see another option).

7. Wooden Wall Vase: (One large and one small):  CLICK HERE 

8. Wire Baskets x2: CLICk HERE

Throw Pillows

1. Solid Gray: (4) Two for each sofa- CLICK HERE (Charcoal, 20x20, Down)

2. Striped Gray: (4) Two for each sofa - CLICK HERE 

3. Lumbar Pillow for Accent Chairs: (2) One for each chair - CLICK HERE 

Mantel/ Floor Area Decor and Styling

1. Candle Sticks: Mantel- 2 large- 2 medium- CLICK HERE (*Will be 50% off starting August 21st) *Was also listed above- make sure not to over order. 

2. Wire Basket: CLICk HERE

3. Lantern: You noted you already had. 

4. Pouf Coffee Table Option: Refer to Coffee Table Option Page- HERE

5. Storage Coffe Table Option: Refer to Coffee Table Option Page- HERE

Decor and Styling of Shelves

1. Shelf Brackets: 8 Sets- CLICK HERE (You will have to have contractor or cabinets builder make wood planks in the finish you select due to the custom size- wood stained finish or white painted. The shelves on the left are designed to fit the length of the opening. The shelves on the right will be cut the same length as those on left- leaving black wall space to the right of them.)

2. Potted Plant: Use a variety: Option 1- CLICK HERE  Option 2- CLICK HERE  Option 3- CLICK HERE (Order 5-6 assortment of options)

3. Old Books: You can purchase from me if you like the look (Set of three book $10) 14-15 sets

4. Candles: Flamless LED Candles - CLICK HERE

5. Black Wire Baskets: (6) - CLICK HERE

6. Wooden Vase: (3) CLICK HERE

7. Black Metal Picture Frame: CLICK HERE