Let me design your space via the world wide web! For all you DIYers that feel confident in ordering and placing your own furniture, equipped with your very own design map- of course, or just need help styling your space this is the service for you. If you have a space that is leaving you puzzled or you can’t seem to project your own style within your space, I offer professional help for your problem.  With this service you get the designers touch without the cost of my traditional interior design services. With my Virtual Home Design, we will communicate via email, phone, and video chat to help create a custom space that covers your desires and wants all while staying within your determined budget. This service is perfect if you live outside my coverage area but are still in need of some “Plum Pretty” design work. 

This service includes:

  • A custom style board, which is visual guide to your soon to be new space.
  •  Furniture, decor, and textile selection along with a shopping/source list. Giving you all the details on where to buy the items. 
  • A floor plan and layout of your space. That way you know exactly where to place all your furniture and decor. I like to call it your very own design map. 
  • One revision to your custom style board is included. Revisions don’t happen often due to my thorough pre-design process, but if there is something you want to tweak or change that revision is there so I can get your space exactly how you envision it. 

How it all works:

First step is a pre-design questionnaire. The questionnaire will help me better understand you, your desires and needs for your space, and help me better understand your sought style. Next I will have you snap some photos and take measurements of your space and send them to me via email along with any inspiration photos you may have. I will then schedule a one hour video chat with you so I can virtual tour the space and we can chat. 

This service will provide you with the tools needed to turn your dream space into part of your home. 

Virtual Home Design: Single Space E-Design Investment: Starting at $350*

*Cost is determined on room size and design details to make your space perfect.