Plum Pretty Decor and Design

  Who is Plum Pretty Decor and Design?

Of course Plum Pretty Decor and Design is me- Kayla Miller the owner and designer of this small home decor and design business. However Plum Pretty Decor and Design is not only myself it is a combination of my past, family, and friends.

Everyone asks me “Why Plum Pretty?” This is what I tell them.

Growing up in the south you learn a lot of sayings that describe or rephrase common everyday sayings, items and activities. For example, while growing up any time I made something and showed it to my grandmother she would look at me and say “Well ain’t that just plum pretty.” This was her way of saying that my craft or art work was beautiful in her eyes.  My grandmother has always held a very special place in my heart and that is who I named my business after and to this day she still tells me how “Plum Pretty” all my designs and creations are.



My grandparents have taught me a lot. They taught me to live life at a slower pace, to count my blessings not two but three times, love deep, and above all rely on God. I still love to stand at a distance and watch my grandfather work in his garden- it seem as though time stands still and everything in life is much more simple at that moment in time.

My designs stream from this moment where everything stands still and things are much simpler.  I center my designs on simple, fresh and functional concepts. I would describe my style as simple and fresh with that cozy and functional farmhouse feel. I love using antiques and industrial pieces in my designs. They provide a timeless look that will never go out of style and remind me of past times when things were much simpler.


What can you expects from Plum Pretty Decor and Design?


From the Shop: Once I attend Market in October you can expect to find home decor items in my shop that reflect my simple farmhouse style.

From my Design Services: Design services that in return inspire you to have a loving, purposeful, functional, and beautiful home.

From my Blog: Blog posts that focus on DIY projects, home renovations, interior design tips, and all the little things in between.

Thank you to each person who is following along on this journey!